Certificates and Professional Development

The following are different certificates, and records of professional development, I have collected over the years:

Encounters with Canada- Sports and Fitness Week- 2017









Encounters with Canada- Youth And Democracy Week- 2017










Encounters with Canada- Vimy: Canada’s Coming of Age Week- 2017










University of Ottawa- WHMIS- 2017











University of Ottawa- Building Futures- 2017










OCDSB- Violence and Harassment in the Workplace- 2016











OCDSB- Safe Practices for Working Alone- 2016











University of Ottawa- Teachers Teaching Teachers Conference- 2016










Sylvie Boucher Commemorative Scholarship for Second Language Teaching- 2016












Elections Canada- Encounters with Canada- 2015-2016





























Canadian Red Cross- Exploring Humanitarian Law: Teachers’ Conference- 2015











The Canadian Centre for Gender + Sexual Diversity- Teacher Allyship Training- 2015










Gwandong Middle School- Proof of Employment- 2014














EPIK’s ‘EPIK Life Video Clip Contest’- Gold Prize- 2013














International TEFL Teacher Training- 100 Hour TESOL Certification- 2011


























English Program in Korea- Orientation Certificate- 2011











Kyungpook National University of Foreign Studies- Korean Speech Contest- 2007














Proof of Employment- Wins English Institute- 2007-2010


























Dalhousie University- Bachelor of Arts- 2007