Teaching Resources


Lessons from the Earth Storytelling, Art & Indigenous Knowledge: Teacher Resource Kit

Bullying/Restorative Practice

Discipline that Restores: Restorative justice flowcharts for the classroom.

International Institute for Restorative Practices– Tips on how to apply RP to your own practice.

RP for Schools: Restorative practices.

Safe@School: Lesson modules on anti-bullying practices.

English Language Learners (EFL/ESL)

Armored Penguin: Easy to use puzzle generator.

A-Z Teacher Stuff: Find what you need to teach your classes.

BBC: Different lesson plans for teachers.

Boggles World ESL: Handouts and flash cards

English Banana: A million different activities.

ESL Galaxy: Lesson plans, activities, etc etc.

ESOL Courses: Free online English lessons.

Free Language Stuff: Word lists, worksheets, homework assignments.

Learning English: Brought to you by the British Council.

Mes English: For teachers with young students.

Primary Games: Games for young learners.

Puzzle Maker: Make and use puzzles.

TLS Books: Worksheets and other stuff.

Vocab Maker: Make worksheets.


Canadian Olympic School Program: Complete lessons and units for Physical Education.

Pan-Canadian Joint Consortium for School Health: A consortium working together to promote healthy schools.


Anishinabek Nation: Resources on treaty rights and the Residential School System.

Black History Canada: Topics and resources pertaining to Black History Month.

CBC Digital Archives: Complete lesson and unit plans, particularly good for social studies/history.

Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse (Québec): Textbook for Indigenous Canadian history.

Cultivating Peace: Social justice resources through a peace-based lens.

Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History: Mysteries taken from Canadian history, and presented as a crime for students to solve.

Historica Canada– Canadian history lessons.

Library of Parliament Teacher Resources: Resources for civics and/or history.

Native-Land.ca: A map detailing land claims, treaties, languages, and more. Includes links to various Indigenous groups’ websites for further info.

Syllabus for White People to Educate Themselves: A Google Doc of resources to better understand privilege. Geared towards the US, but still applicable in Canada.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission: Resources on the TRC and the impact of the Residential Schools System.

Where Are the Children?– Resources and online exhibits on the Residential Schools System.


KenKen Puzzles– A great resource that allows students to work on math and problem-solving skills. Perfect for extension activities!

Nonograms: A kind of Japanese puzzle, where students use math skills and logic to solve. Great lesson extension activity for students who finish early.

University of Waterloo Invitations to Math: Complete unit plans for junior math grades.

University of Waterloo Problem of the Week: Brain-teaser math problems.

youcubed: Math tasks and lessons for all grade levels.

Multiple Areas

BC Teachers’ Federation Global Education: Global issues using a social justice framework.

Curriculum: Fully updated, PDF, versions of Ontario’s curriculum.

Developing a Global Perspective for Educators: Resources from uOttawa’s Global Cohort. Includes lesson and unit plans.

EduGAINs: Ministry-developed lessons, and tips for educators. Multiple subject areas.

Edutopia: Strategies resource.

First Nations Education Steering Committee: Cross-curricular lesson and unit plans.

M’Chigeeng First Nation: Strategies, lessons, and language guides.

National Geographic Kids: A great resource with a variety of stuff to incorporate into lessons.

Project of Heart: Resources for bringing the reconciliation process into classrooms.


Back to Nature: Resources for environmental appreciation.

Ingenium (Canada Aviation and Space Museum): Resources for teachers including experiments with links to the Ontario and Quebec Curriculum.

Special Education

SpecialEducationOntario: Guides on teaching Special Education.

Teachers’ Gateway to Special Education: Strategies and resources for teaching Special Education.