Teaching Resources


Lessons from the Earth Storytelling, Art & Indigenous Knowledge: Teacher Resource Kit

The Virtual Instructor: Art instruction and lesson plans.

Bullying/Restorative Practice

Discipline that Restores: Restorative justice flowcharts for the classroom.

International Institute for Restorative Practices– Tips on how to apply RP to your own practice.

RP for Schools: Restorative practices.

Safe@School: Lesson modules on anti-bullying practices.

English Language Learners (EFL/ESL)

Armored Penguin: Easy to use puzzle generator.

A-Z Teacher Stuff: Find what you need to teach your classes.

BBC: Different lesson plans for teachers.

Boggles World ESL: Handouts and flash cards

English Banana: A million different activities.

ESL Galaxy: Lesson plans, activities, etc etc.

ESOL Courses: Free online English lessons.

Free Language Stuff: Word lists, worksheets, homework assignments.

Learning English: Brought to you by the British Council.

Mes English: For teachers with young students.

Primary Games: Games for young learners.

Puzzle Maker: Make and use puzzles.

TLS Books: Worksheets and other stuff.

Vocab Maker: Make worksheets.


Canadian Geographic: Lesson plans developed by teachers, and other resources.

Health & Physical Education

Canadian Olympic School Program: Complete lessons and units for Physical Education.

CIRA Ontario: Dozens of physical fitness activities with accompanying short instructional videos.

Daily Physical Activity: It’s recommended that your students get 20 minutes of moderate-intense physical activity each day.

OPHEA: Resources for Health and Phys Ed curriculum.

Pan-Canadian Joint Consortium for School Health: A consortium working together to promote healthy schools.


Anishinabek Nation: Resources on treaty rights and the Residential School System.

Black History Canada: Topics and resources pertaining to Black History Month.

CBC Digital Archives: Complete lesson and unit plans, particularly good for social studies/history.

Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse (Québec): Textbook for Indigenous Canadian history.

Cultivating Peace: Social justice resources through a peace-based lens.

Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History: Mysteries taken from Canadian history, and presented as a crime for students to solve.

Historica Canada– Massive resource of history lessons and educational tools.

Library of Parliament Teacher Resources: Resources for civics and/or history.

Native-Land.ca: A map detailing land claims, treaties, languages, and more. Includes links to various Indigenous groups’ websites for further info.

Simon Fraser University: A brief chronology of Chinese Canadian history.

Syllabus for White People to Educate Themselves: A Google Doc of resources to better understand privilege. Geared towards the US, but still applicable in Canada.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission: Resources on the TRC and the impact of the Residential Schools System.

Where Are the Children?– Resources and online exhibits on the Residential Schools System.


Readability Formulas– Resources to determine the reading level of books for students.

The African Canadian Literature Project: Literature on African Canadians with downloadable PDFs.

The Critical Media Project: Resources for teaching media literacy.


KenKen Puzzles– A great resource that allows students to work on math and problem-solving skills. Perfect for extension activities!

Nonograms: A kind of Japanese puzzle, where students use math skills and logic to solve. Great lesson extension activity for students who finish early.

University of Waterloo Invitations to Math: Complete unit plans for junior math grades.

University of Waterloo Problem of the Week: Brain-teaser math problems.

youcubed: Math tasks and lessons for all grade levels.

Multiple Areas

A to Z Teacher Stuff: User-generated content with lesson plans for each subject and grade level.

Aga Khan Foundation Canada: Global Citizenship lessons resource.

BC Teachers’ Federation Global Education: Global issues using a social justice framework.

Curriculum: Fully updated, PDF, versions of Ontario’s curriculum. You can also order physical copies here.

Developing a Global Perspective for Educators: Resources from uOttawa’s Global Cohort. Includes lesson and unit plans.

EduGAINs: Ministry-developed lessons, and tips for educators. Multiple subject areas.

Edutopia: Strategies resource.

ETFO-OTS: Resources for supply teachers organized by subject.

First Nations Education Steering Committee: Cross-curricular lesson and unit plans.

Flocabulary: Engaging music videos that cover a variety of school subjects. Perfect for that lesson hook.

M’Chigeeng First Nation: Strategies, lessons, and language guides.

National Geographic Kids: A great resource with a variety of stuff to incorporate into lessons.

Project of Heart: Resources for bringing the reconciliation process into classrooms.

The Daily CAFE: Teaching strategies to improve literacy and numeracy.

Queen’s University Faculty of Education: A collection of complete unit plans spanning the junior and intermediate grades.


Back to Nature: Resources for environmental appreciation.

Ingenium (Canada Aviation and Space Museum): Resources for teachers including experiments with links to the Ontario and Quebec Curriculum.

NASA: Resources for educators and students alike.

Special Education

SpecialEducationOntario: Guides on teaching Special Education.

Teachers’ Gateway to Special Education: Strategies and resources for teaching Special Education.