Ottawa Women’s March 2018- Media Files for Classroom Discussion

While teaching in Korea, I would often travel around with my camera to shoot video footage. I would then edit the footage together, and upload it to a YouTube channel. I would use this content for material in my EFL classes. It allowed me to tailor my lessons to my students and give them something they couldn’t get elsewhere.

Although I am currently on the supply circuit in Ottawa and Gatineau, I have begun doing the same thing. In the future when I am on an LTO, or have a permanent classroom, I will have some curated content available for my lessons. For the past few months I have been focusing on social and historical topics I figure could come up in a Social Studies-type class.

There’s a greater sense of immediacy when students are confronted with examples pulled from their own communities while learning. It is time-consuming to gather media to edit and use, but the effort is worth it.

This weekend was the 2018 Women’s March in Ottawa. I went with my camera in tow to listen and learn, but also to record what footage I could for future classroom use. I figured photographs and video of the march would elicit interesting conversations about gender, sexism, and the patriarchy. I am including some of what I collected below in the hope other educators will use it. Some of the language used in the signage may better benefit older students, but I leave that up to the teacher’s discretion.

The above video features part of a speech given at the very end of the assembly on Parliament Hill. The audio portion of it has been edited, and slightly re-cut, for length and clarity. I set it to footage I took of the crowd before and during the march. As for the wording on some of the included signage, I would say it’s on par with what CBC News decided to air (if you find anything problematic with my content, you can always have your students simply listen to the speech). For students who have trouble with spoken English (or are hard of hearing), I have included subtitles throughout the video for the speech.

The above slideshow has some shots from the march. You can either use the above app, or you can access the individual photos here. Choose the content that best fits your lesson and students.

I have been to other rallies in Ottawa and collected photos and video content from them. I will create separate posts for them in the future when time allows. If you enjoy this kind of content, please let me know your thoughts. I think it’s important for students to critically analyse advocacy in their community, and to discuss it.

While we are on the topic of Women’s Rights and challenging violence against women, a friend of a B.Ed classmate was the victim of horrific domestic abuse a month ago (and very close to my home). There are currently donations coming in on her behalf, and you can find the details HERE (**Trigger Warning** for details about the attack).

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